Capitalizing on Paving the Luce Line

As many are aware, the almost $2 million worth of prep work for paving the Luce Line State Trail has begun so I’m sure it’s only a matter of time now before the trail from Hutchinson is eventually paved to Winsted. Looking at the website,, one can see many businesses would benefit from getting their name out there and letting droves of cyclists visiting from the Cities know about goods and services available in Hutchinson.

I’m sure that Hutchinson Health, the Leader and the Herald Journal would increase their business by advertising along the trail. And if the estimates from Mayor Cook are even 50 percent accurate, companies from outside of Hutchinson will want to reach those affluent Minnesota residents visiting us all the way from the Cities on their bicycles.

This is being done in other states — those states have restricted the size and wording on the sign so as not to intrude upon the natural beauty of their trails. However, I checked on the League of Minnesota Cities and found no guidelines as how to proceed.

I’m sure the leadership we have in the City Council can find a way forward, though, and continue to position Hutchinson as a leader. They’ve successfully enjoyed payments in lieu of taxes from the Hutchinson Utilities Commission, the Liquor Hutch and Creekside. Based upon our taxes, those programs have helped Hutchinson remain in the top 15 cities in Minnesota. That’s quite an accomplishment!

So let’s all take advantage of this opportunity to generate even more revenue for the city and start selling advertising along the Luce Line. What better way to get cyclists to visit our local restaurants, sample our local culture at the Center for the Arts, take in a play, or enjoy an hour or two of live music at the upcoming Arts Plaza. I’m sure that by letting visitors know about all of the attractions here in Hutchinson, that we’ll see an influx of tourism before we know it!